North Dakota Outfitter Fined for Nebraska Hunting Violations

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A 30-year-old North Dakota outfitter was recently fined more than $5,000 for violations committed during Nebraska’S 2005 spring light goose conservation action.

Nebraska Conservation Officer Jeremy Ten Kley of Beatrice said Todd M. Siemers, president of Northern Waterfowl Outfitters of Bowbells, ND, was guiding approximately 15 paid hunting clients in the Beatrice area March 6 when he was contacted about a hunting violation allegedly committed by one of Siemer’s hunting clients.

Ten Kley said during the investigation conservation officers found that Siemers had illegally taken possession of 284 light geese from his hunting clients and had not tagged the birds and maintained the necessary documentation as required by law.

“A four-foot-tall heap of dead birds that had been neither field dressed or cleaned was found in a rental storage unit in west Beatrice,” Ten Kley said. “The geese had been piled in the storage unit and left for approximately three days. The weather was warm and it was even warmer in the metal storage unit. The geese had begun to rot and were not suitable for human consumption.”

In all, conservation officers seized 381 light geese from two pickups, two enclosed trailers, and the rental storage unit.

Siemers plead guilty in Gage County Court to one count of illegal possession of game birds. He was ordered to pay a fine of $500, $41.50 in court costs and $4,500 in liquidated damages.

Ten Kley said although there are liberalized hunting regulations during the spring light goose conservation action, hunters, guides and outfitters still have legal and ethical responsibilities. “Hunters partaking in this season have the potential to take large numbers of snow geese, however, they are still responsible to lawfully take, transport, and possess game birds as required by law. Hunters are urged to take only what they can use. Hunters should remember that in Nebraska it is illegal to dump or discard any edible portion of game birds.”