North Dakota Issues All Non-Resident Any Deer Archery Tags

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North Dakota's nonresident any-deer archery licenses, good for either whitetail or mule deer, have all been issued by lottery drawing for the 2011 bow season.

A total of 1,091 licenses were available, with 1,172 nonresidents submitting an application by the March 1 deadline. Unsuccessful applicants have their name placed on a waiting list if any licenses are returned.

Nonresidents can still purchase a white-tailed deer bow license. There is no limit to the number of whitetail bow licenses issued each season, but there is a limit of one deer bow license per hunter.

The number of nonresident any-deer bow licenses available is 15 percent of the previous year's mule deer gun license allocation. The Game and Fish Department issued 7,275 mule deer licenses in the 2010 deer gun lottery.


hunter25's picture

Sounds like they have more

Sounds like they have more than enough whitetail but just need to monitor the mule deer a litle bit. I wonder how many guys apply for the rifle tags that they give out. If it's close to the same odds it might be a good state to check out. Although I enjoy learning a new area and going back to hunt it again I am on more of a mission to go to as many different states as possible and hunt them over the next few years.

Now that I have taken a whitetail it doesn't matter to me which one I would get as long as I'm deer hunting.

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Wow - the number of

Wow - the number of applications for these non resident tags just barely exceeded the number of tags available. Just 81 people didn't draw a tag, and some of them may be able to get one if some of the others are returned. I don't know how often that happens, but it sounds like there ought to be some very happy non resident hunters headed for North Dakota this fall. On top of that, those who didn't get their tag in the draw can get a white tail bow license. So it looks like everyone who wants to can get one of those, since they say there is no limit to how many of those that can be issued.

I have no idea what the population of North Dakota's deer herd is, but it sounds like there is a lot of opportunities for hunters to chase them if they want to.

Good Luck if you're going to North Dakota this fall!