No Wild Boar Application Required

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West Virginia hunters will no longer be required to submit applications to hunt wild boar, according to Curtis I. Taylor, Chief of the Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Section. The wild boar gun season has been changed to one week, October 27 – November 1, 2003. The season is open to residents only and hunters must still purchase a Class P in advance.

Harvests have declined recently and the new season framework should lower the harvest even further to protect the remaining wild boar. "The reasons for the harvest decline are complex but may be primarily attributed to habitat changes, predation, poor reproduction and possible competition for food with native wildlife species," said Taylor. "Boar are a poor pioneering species and as habitat is lost, they are slow to move to more productive sites. As a result, season restrictions may be necessary to give boar more time to expand into new, more productive areas."

Weather conditions are usually warm and dry and leaf fall makes wild boar and wild boar sign more difficult to find during this time. A single firearms season scheduled for late October or early November should reduce the harvest.