No Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Latest Culled Deer

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Chronic wasting disease (CWD) was not found in any of the 29 wild deer culled in October near Oyen.

As a follow up to three previous cases of CWD found in deer in the Oyen area, Sustainable Resource Development staff conducted intensive herd reduction during mid-October. Deer numbers in a five-kilometre target circle were successfully reduced.

"We are pleased to see that no further cases of CWD were found during this latest effort," said David Coutts, Minister of Sustainable Resource Development. "With the co-operation of local landowners, staff are making good progress with the provincial response plan for this disease."

Following the discovery of the first case of CWD in a wild deer near Oyen on September 2 of this year, a number of actions have been taken as part of the response plan, including greater hunter participation.

  • Meetings with local residents held to communicate departmental efforts.
  • A cull of 133 wild deer conducted in mid-September; two additional deer with CWD were found among the deer collected.
  • Another meeting held in mid-October with local residents to announce the results and the plans for a second cull in mid-October; no deer found with CWD in the 29 collected.
  • A plan to further reduce deer in target areas involving hunter support.
  • An updated departmental website on chronic wasting disease provides a single source for current information to Albertans, visit