New Mexico DGF Confirms 12 Carcasses Found Were Harvested Legally

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The carcasses of 12 elk found recently near Horse Springs apparently were the remains of legally harvested animals, an investigation by the Department of Game and Fish determined.

Conservation officers were alerted to the carcasses Oct. 26 through the Department's toll-free Operation Game Thief line. After visiting the site twice and consulting with the landowner and an outfitter, officers determined the elk were legally harvested and the carcasses dumped on unposted private land after processing. Ten of the carcasses were boned-out for the meat. Two were left with some meat because it had spoiled before hunters could recover the animals during early archery seasons when the weather was warm.

Conservation officer K.C. Gehrt said the heads or antlers of all the elk had been removed and all animals appeared to be legally harvested. He said he also found the carcass of a legally taken bear at the same site.

The Department encourages hunters and others to report anything that appears to be a violation of the state's wildlife laws by calling Operation Game Thief toll-free, (800) 432-4263. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for rewards if information leads to charges being filed.


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Kinda of nice to finally see

Kinda of nice to finally see an investigation of anmials being killed that the animals were legally taken.  So tired of hearing about poachers making all us ethical hunters look bad.  Kudos to whom ever called them in and the officers for doing a well job in the case study.  Also nice to hear the media come forward and say ther "legit" kills,  Most of the time I think the sories like this go untold and it causes no debate.

from what i understand is

from what i understand is that the outfitter was the landowner - plus there is a lot of land not posted in the gila, heck some private land isn't even fenced.

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I can understand that alot of

I can understand that alot of the land isn't posted, but you gotta be pretty Balsy to go to someone's private land, whether posted or not, and start dumping carcasses on the side of the road.  Just does not strike me as stellar behavior.

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The funny thing is, that they

The funny thing is, that they were dumped on "unposted private land".  Does this mean that the outfitter was just dumping them on random land, wherever it wasn't posted, or was it the landowner that was allowing them too?

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Hmmm.....interesting question.  Didn't think about it until you pointed it out.

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Good to hear they

Good to hear they invsestigated and good to hear that they were legally harvested and no meat was wasted. Nice ending to a story that normally ends badly.