New Jersey Outstanding Deer Program

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The Outstanding White-tailed Deer Program, jointly sponsored by the Division of Fish and Wildlife, the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs and the United Bowhunters of New Jersey, is designed to recognize the quality of the state's deer resource and the sportsmen and women who hunt for them. The program was initiated in 1964 and includes categories for the largest deer taken (based on field dressed weight) and finest antler development. Awards are given for the most recent season's top scorers at the annual Deer Classic.

Antler categories are subdivided into typical and non-typical configurations. The minimum eligible score is 125 0/8 for typical muzzleloader, bow and shotgun entries. The minimum eligible score is 135 0/8 for non-typical muzzleloader, bow and shotgun entries. Weight categories for the heaviest deer taken are also subdivided: bucks 200 lbs. and above taken by shotgun, bow and muzzleloader, and does 135 lbs. and above taken by shotgun, bow and muzzleloader. Does may be weighed on an official deer check station scale, however, bucks must be weighed on a certified scale (pdf, 9kb).

All antlered deer are scored using the Boone and Crockett Club system that gives credit to antler length, spread, number of points and symmetry. Age, health, genetics and nutrition are the major factors contributing to deer reaching trophy status.

The all-time lists of winners as of the 2004-05 seasons are available by category in the documents below:

135 Pound Doe - Archery (pdf, 6kb)
135 Pound Doe - Shotgun (pdf, 7kb)
135 Pound Doe - Muzzleloader (pdf, 6kb)
200 Pound Club (bucks) - Archery (pdf, 12kb)
200 Pound Club (bucks) - Shotgun (pdf, 6kb)
Archery - Typical (pdf, 27kb)
Archery - Non-typical (pdf, 10kb)
Shotgun - Typical (pdf, 23kb)
Shotgun - Non-typical (pdf, 9kb)
Muzzleloader - Typical (pdf, 11kb)
Muzzleoader - Non-typical (pdf, 7kb)
Crossbow - Physically Challenged - Typical (pdf, 6kb)

For information about entering the program see the Entering the Outstanding White-tailed Deer Program page. To receive a registration form and information by mail, please request the specific application form(s) needed: typical, non-typical, 200 pound, or 135 doe. Send a self-addressed, business-size stamped ($0.63) envelope to:

Outstanding Deer Program
NJ Div. of Fish & Wildlife
P.O. Box 400
Trenton, NJ 08625-0400

The top scoring deer harvested each year and entered in the NJ Outstanding White-tailed Deer Awards Program are recognized at the Garden State Deer Classic. The 2005 Classic winners are listed on the Deer Classic page.