New Archery Range Opens in Middle Georgia

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A new archery range is open in middle Georgia at the Flat Creek Public Fishing Area, announces the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division.

"Public shooting ranges are popular with hunters and recreational shooting sports enthusiasts," says Division Shooting Sports Coordinator Jennifer Pittman. "We were eager to add a range to this public fishing area as soon as it opened in 2009 – and thanks to great cooperative efforts, we are now able to make it available to the public."

Construction for the range began in September of this year, with final completion accomplished later that month. The range was built using Wildlife Restoration funds, with money coming from sportsmen through their purchases of firearms, archery equipment and ammunition.

The range offers a static area that includes both bullseye and 3-D targets from 10-50 yards. There are additional 3-D targets, at varying distances, available along a walking trail. The range is open every day during daylight hours.

For more information on archery or firearms ranges, visit and select "Hunting" and then "Archery/Shooting Ranges."