Nevada Hunters Receive Grouse Hunt Letter in Error

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The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) erroneously sent letters and harvest return postcards to big game hunters, indicating that they were successful in the drawing for the 2006 Sheldon Sage Grouse Hunt. The letters, sent from the USFWS office at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Lakeview, Oregon, should have been sent to sage grouse hunters, and not to big game hunters, causing some confusion. The USFWS sent letters of correction to the big game hunters this week. Call the USFWS Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge Complex at (541) 947-3315 with questions.

Only those hunters who received actual sage grouse permits and who are listed on the Nevada Department of Wildlife website at are permitted to hunt during the special Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge hunts. Seventy-five hunters have permits for the September 16 th and 17 th hunt, and another seventy-five hunters have permits for the September 23 rd and 24 th hunt.

The intent of the letters sent by the USFWS was to encourage hunters to provide sage grouse wings at wing barrels as part of a long-term study of sage grouse populations.