Nevada Encourages Hunters to Pre-register Online

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If you're planning on hunting in Nevada for the first time, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) encourages you to pre-register your hunter education records online now to ensure easy access in the upcoming tag application process. Likewise, if you've hunted in Nevada before but plan on purchasing your license online for the first time, checking your records now will make the process easier.

NDOW's hunter education records are linked with the online tag application process so that only hunters who meet the hunter education requirements can purchase licenses online.

To ensure that your records are up-to-date and accurate, go to click on the "Hunter Education Pre-registration" icon and follow the prompts to print out a registration form. After completing the form, attach a copy of your proof of hunter education and mail or fax it; the address and fax number are on the form. NDOW will add verified hunter education records to its database, then qualified hunters can easily and quickly purchase licenses online.

Hunters born in 1960 or later are required to successfully complete an approved hunter education class prior to purchasing a Nevada hunting license. Classes, which cost $5.00 and fulfill the requirement, are offered year-round by NDOW and are listed at

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) protects, restores and manages fish and wildlife, and promotes fishing, hunting, and boating safety. NDOW's wildlife and habitat conservation efforts are primarily funded by sportsmen’s license and conservation fees and a federal surcharge on hunting and fishing gear. Support wildlife and habitat conservation in Nevada by purchasing a hunting, fishing, or combination license. For more information, visit