Nevada Big Game Apps Deadline April 18th

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Applications must be received, either via mail or online at, by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 18, to be eligible for the drawing. Hunters that applied online in the past were sent a postcard reminding them it is time to apply. Those hunters who applied on paper through the mail were sent a pre-printed application. Otherwise, paper applications will only be available at NDOW offices and online at

Hunters will be officially notified of the draw results by June 13. However, initial tag draw results to be posted online at within 48 hours of the actual draw, which is usually held in late May.

Hunters can review hunt choices in the 2011 Big Game Seasons and Application Regulations book, which is posted online at and also available at license agents statewide, such sporting goods stores, hardware stores and grocery stores that are license agent vendors for NDOW.

NDOW will once again hold a tag application workshop in Las Vegas on March 30 from 8 a.m. – 11 a.m. The workshop includes information on Nevada's big game management, tag quotas and allocations, draw odds, and bonus points. NDOW staff will explain common application errors, the computerized draw system and any new procedures or regulations for this year's drawing.

When selecting a hunt, it is always important to do your homework and know what to expect from the units you are applying for. The NDOW website ( is a valuable tool with several resources to help sportsmen select the right hunts. In an effort to make things easier, NDOW has placed the Top 10 Big Game Tag Application Resources on one page at The page includes maps, hunter information sheets, bonus point tables and hunt statistics and draw odds.

Sportsmen should also be aware of some new changes for 2011.

Systems Consultants, NDOW's contractor for the Big Game tag draw process, is sponsoring an early application incentive for the 2011 Big Game tag draw. Applicants who apply early online will be entered into a drawing to receive a $1,000 gift certificate sponsored by Systems Consultants. The winner will get to pick what store the certificate is to: Cabela's, Scheels or Bass Pro.

Sportsmen can also withdraw or resubmit their electronic applications. To withdraw an electronic application, go to the main application page at, click on the link labeled "Withdraw Application." You will be prompted to enter your login information, and Confirmation Number from the original application. Then you can follow the steps to withdraw your application. Application fees are on withdrawn applications are nonrefundable.

If a sportsman decides that they need to change their hunter choices after submitting their application, they can withdraw their application and then submit a new one by the application deadline. When resubmitting an application, application fees are nonrefundable and it is highly recommended that you print a copy of the original application confirmation page, the withdrawn confirmation page, and the new application confirmation page.

Also new to 2011, hunters who miss the application deadline have seven days after the application deadline to submit an application for bonus points only. All application fees will be charged.

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