Nevada Adopts Mule Deer Management Plan

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The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners adopted a final version of the Nevada Mule Deer Management Plan at its September meeting. The Plan is based on the Nevada Mule Deer Bulletin, Nevada Comprehensive Wildlife Action Plan, the North American Mule Deer Conservation Plan, as well as detailed input from sportsmen and women and other interested members of the public.

"The plan is geared towards stabilizing and reversing the downward trend in mule deer numbers in Nevada," states Russ Mason, Game Bureau Chief for the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). "It considers what can be done in terms of habitat, population management, harvest, private lands management, and communications to improve the outlook for this keystone species."

Importantly, specific Area Management Prescriptions are being developed using the Nevada Mule Deer Management Plan as the starting point. These Prescriptions will be reviewed annually. The first four Prescriptions, for Management Areas 6, 10, 19, and 22, will be presented to the Commission on March 30-31, 2007 in Las Vegas. Prescriptions for all of the state’s Management Areas will be in place by March, 2008.

"The plan is designed as a framework that all of the Department's Bureaus can use to guide efforts on behalf of mule deer", added Mason. "To provide policy direction, the Bureau Chiefs will update the Commission each March on their activities in support of the Plan".

Sportsmen and women who want to participate in the planning process should become involved with their local county wildlife advisory boards. A list of the County Advisory Boards to Manage Wildlife can be found on the NDOW website.

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