Nebraska Two-Day Hunt Permits Available

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A small game hunt is one of many ways families spend the holidays together. Nebraska's two-day permit for nonresidents makes that easier.

Nonresidents have until the end of December to purchase a 2010 two-day Nebraska hunting permit. The permit is valid for two consecutive days any time between Nov. 24 and Dec. 31.

Permits may be purchased at


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That is great to

That is great to know...Nebraska is close enough to me to hunt and I love to hunt turkeys there.  I have been invited to waterfowl and pheasant hunt but there tags can be spendy for just one weekend.

Ca_Vermonster's picture

This is pretty cool.  I will

This is pretty cool.  I will have to look into it, since i now have family in Omaha.  I wonder if it's for only small game, or can it be used for deer.  California has a 2 day non-resident small game license, where they buy that and the bird stamp, adn they can hunt whatever they want.  But, deer season requires a full out of state license.

I do have an invite to hunt a farm near there, and Frontier is starting direct flights between San Diego and Omaha soon.  I will definately check it out.