Most State Parks Open for Winter Goose Hunting

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Most Pennsylvania state parks will be open for the extended resident Canada goose hunting season in January and February.

The extended Canada goose season will run Monday, Jan. 16, through Wednesday, Feb. 15, with a daily limit of five birds. Goose hunting will be open during this period at state parks with hunting areas, provided the parks are in the regions of Pennsylvania open to the extended goose season. Hunters should contact individual park offices to make sure they can participate.

Significant growth in the non-migratory Canada goose population has drawn complaints of crop damage and nuisance problems in residential neighborhoods. Many state parks are seeing the effects of non-migratory geese overpopulation and have taken measures, including anti-goose fencing and the use of loud noisemakers, to scare geese away.

High concentrations of Canada geese and their droppings often are linked to high fecal coliform counts at Pennsylvania state park beaches, causing swimming restrictions during peak usage periods.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have authorized the extended resident goose hunt. Areas of the state excluded from the hunt include a portion of Crawford county in northwest Pennsylvania encompassing Pymatuning State Park, and a large section of eastern Pennsylvania that includes 22 state parks: Codorus, Tuscarora; Hickory Run; Big Pocono; Lehigh Gorge; Beltzville; Jacobsburg; Samuel Lewis; Locust Lake; Delaware Canal; Ralph Stover; Nockamixon; Tyler; Evansburg; Ridley Creek; Marsh Creek; French Creek; Nolde Forest; Susquehannock; Neshaminy; White Clay; and Fort Washington.

Canada goose hunting season ends in this portion of eastern Pennsylvania on Saturday, Jan. 21.

Game Commission rules and regulations regarding Canada goose season will apply. Information on the rules and regulations can be obtained from the Game Commission by writing PA Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797, or by calling (717) 787-4250.

Persons with disabilities who wish to participate in the hunt should contact the specific state park for further information. Park phone numbers are available by calling 1-888-PA-PARKS, or by visiting the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources web site at (select “State Parks”).