Most Deer Hunting Dates Set

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After much feedback from the public, commissioners from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission today tabled a decision on a portion of the upcoming deer season. At the same time, commissioners approved a portion of the deer season dates.

Commission Chairman Jim Hinkle said that the decision to change some of the proposed season dates was a result of numerous phone calls, e-mails and letters the commission received from Arkansas deer hunters. “We want to protect the resource, while at the same time gathering input from the people of Arkansas and from our staff of biologists. This (the commission) is a very diverse group of people from every part of the state and we’ve heard from just about every corner of Arkansas,” Hinkle said.

The proposed statewide season bag limit of three deer may be voted on at the May 15 meeting. A bag limit may contain only two legal bucks and one doe. Under no circumstances can a hunter harvest more than a total of three deer, except by deer camp doe tags that are issued through the commission’s Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP).

The proposed change in the deer muzzleloader season would also affect the bear muzzleloader season. Bear muzzleloader season in bear zones 1 and 2 would also be from Oct. 18-21.