Moose Hunting Permits

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The winners of Vermont's 2005 moose hunting permits were drawn August 11 by Governor Jim Douglas and past successful moose hunter Cassandra Hamwey of South Royalton at a lottery drawing in Montpelier.

The lottery drawing is done by a computerized random sort of applications that were submitted by the July 1 deadline. A total of 1,040 permits were issued from a total 13,091 applicants. Lottery applications were $10.00 for residents and $25.00 for nonresidents. Ten percent of the permits go to nonresident hunters.

Cassandra Hamwey participated in the drawing to help promote passing on Vermonts hunting traditions to younger people. She was 14 when she shot the biggest moose in the 2003 hunting season, a 908-pound bull with 19-point antlers that measured 63 inches wide. Cassandra was hunting at the time with her cousin and uncle in Lemington.

"Hunting is a tradition that has been passed down through three generations of women in my family," said Hamwey. "It is a lot of fun hunting with family members, and it helps create good memories that will last a long time."

Governor Douglas and Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Wayne Laroche spoke about the importance of moose hunting in Vermont.

"The moose is a fitting symbol of our wildlife heritage," said Governor Douglas. "Vermont's moose population has been restored to abundance throughout the state due to good wildlife management. Like firewood and maple syrup, moose venison is a natural product of Vermont's forests that helps support households in Vermont."

"Today's lottery drawing helps celebrate Vermont's 13th moose hunt in modern times," said Commissioner Laroche. "Vermont's moose management program has been very successful since the first hunt in 1993 when 25 moose were taken with 30 permits issued. We expect a little over 600 moose to be taken this year in a carefully regulated hunt that is based on good scientific wildlife management principles."

Winners of this year's moose hunting permits are posted in a searchable database on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's website ( Click on "Hunting and Trapping" and then on "Lottery Applications and Winners."