Moose Draw Changes

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Prospective moose hunters will see some changes in the Nova Scotia moose hunting season this fall.

This year, the province will have two one-week seasons instead of a single two-week season. An additional 110 licenses will be issued, making a total of 310 licenses available in the annual license lottery. The moose hunt will also be managed on a zone basis, with the introduction of four zones in Victoria and Inverness counties, the only counties in the province where moose hunting is permitted.

"This new system will allow more people the opportunity to hunt moose," said Natural Resources Minister Tim Olive. "The zone and split-hunt approach reduces the number of hunters arriving simultaneously in these areas and provides them with a safer and higher quality hunting experience."

Hunters applying to the moose draw will have to indicate in which zone and season they would like to hunt. The first season begins on the last Monday of September and ends on the following Saturday. The second season starts on the first Monday of October and ends on the following Saturday.

"This change to the hunt means less crowding for hunters and the pressure on the moose population will be distributed more evenly," said Mr. Olive.

In 2002, more than 11,000 people applied for one of 200 moose licences. This year there will be 310 licences available. That number will be divided among the four zones and equally between the two seasons.

On April 1, the Department of Natural Resources will open the moose licence application phone line. Information about the hunt and the application process is available on the Web site at Information is also available at any Department of Natural Resources office.