Montana's Big Game Seasons Will Not be Extended

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Montana's 2010 general big game hunting seasons closed Nov. 28 and will not be extended, state wildlife official confirmed.

"We are not planning any season extension anywhere in the state this year," said Ken McDonald, chief of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' wildlife bureau. "If specific population or damage problems emerge, we’ll use management seasons or game damage hunts to address them."

Hunters must have registered for the game damage roster in July. Game damage and management season information is available online at Click "Game Damage."


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The regular big game seasons

The regular big game seasons are always set here in Colorado other than things like lions. On any quota seasons you need to call and check each day for the area you are hunting to see if it's still open or not.

There were a couple of seasons about 18 years ago where the harvest was way down because of the weather and they added another late cow elk season after the others had closed to help get the numbers down.


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This is always funny to me

This is always funny to me when i read things about flexible seasons.  Prior to coming to California, it was always "This is the season, period".  No ifs, ands, and buts.  Hoever, out here in CA, our bear season is actually like that.  You could have a tag, and if a certain number of bears are killed, they just close the season.  If you are still holding a tag, then oh well, you should have shot one earlier.

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Yeah, I'm the same way. Here

Yeah, I'm the same way. Here in Michigan, a season runs from one date to another - every year. They are talking about possibly changing the opening of the general gun season for deer from November 15 to a Saturday. Historically, it has always run from the 15th through the 30th of November. Some argue that it would get more hunters afield if it opened on a Saturday instead. There are lots of arguments about which Saturday, the second or third. The problem with that is that some years it could be quite long and other years, quite short. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I am in favor of just leaving it as is. I like the fact that it sometimes opens in the middle of the week. There aren't as many hunters to try to dodge as when it opens on a weekend.

  The only season that I know of that is "flexible" is a season for spearing sturgeon on a particular lake in the northern Lower Peninsula. They only allow 5 sturgeon to be speared each year. As soon as the 5th fish is registered, the season is over. Ooops - correction. I just checked, and it's 5 days or 5 fish, whichever comes first. So it may be flexible, and it may not.