Montana Hunters Risk Loss of Privileges for Littering

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wardens say hunters need to be aware that littering while you're hunting, fishing or camping could end your fun for a year.

"Most hunters and anglers don't know that under Montana law, if they are convicted of littering, they forfeit their licenses and the privilege to hunt, fish, camp or trap for one year from the date of the conviction," said Jim Kropp, FWP Enforcement Division Chief.

For sportsmen, this littering law has real teeth. It applies to any holder of a Montana resident or nonresident fishing or hunting license or camping permit convicted of littering campgrounds, public or private lands, streams, or lakes while hunting, fishing or camping.

"Most sportsmen are very conscientious about protecting our resources and packing out whatever they pack in," Kropp said. "But the fact is, in Montana the privileges of hunting, fishing and camping are significant and a person can lose them, if they're careless.