Montana Considering 2011 Nonresident Combination Hunt License Changes

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking comment on the proposed 2011 nonresident combination hunting license annual rule.

With the recent voter approved ballot Initiative 161, which eliminated guaranteed big game hunting licenses for nonresidents who hunt with outfitters and increased the cost of some licenses, the new law affects FWP's annual rule for the sale of nonresident combination hunting licenses.

The proposed rule, approved by the FWP Commission today, includes the new license fees set by the passage of I-161 and includes the required $5 drawing fee and $10 hunting access enhancement fee. Since the prices are set by law with the passage of I-161, the FWP Commission is not seeking public comment on the following license fees:

  • $912 for the Class B-10 Nonresident Big Game Combination License
  • $542 for the Class B-11 Nonresident Deer Combination License
  • $458.50 for the Nonresident Youth Big Game Combination licenses

The commission, however, has the authority to set the fee for the Nonresident Elk Combination License and is seeking comment on the following:

  • $812 B-10 for the Nonresident Elk Combination License

The price includes the required $5 drawing fee and $10 hunting access enhancement fee. Montana's nonresident combo licenses include a conservation, fishing, and upland bird license. The proposed annual rule for 2011 sale of nonresident combination licenses is available for review on the FWP website at Comments are due by Dec. 3. Send email to [email protected], or via post mail to: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Licensing Division, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701.


$912 for a Nonresident Big Game Combination License

As an Arizona resident who recently hunted elk and deer in Montana in 2010 with a Big Game Combination License, I am frankly dissappointed in the new huge fees for 2011. I would say I spent over 2000 dollars locally during my hunt not counting the license fee. I enjoyed my hunt spending many days in the field in really rough country. I was planning on returning in 2011 but not now with the current economy. I will apply in Colorado as fees there are Five hundered plus dollars for a non resident elk tag. I am not sure what is going on in Montana but I will keep an eye on the Fees for 2012 and hope Montana wants me back.

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MT new non-resident lic change

I have guided AND hunted Montana for the past 12 years. I live in VA where I operate a full time fishing guide service. This proposal will most likely pass due to resentment by RESIDENTS who KNOW THAT IT WILL IN FACT GREATLY REDUCE THE NUMBER OF NON-RESIDENT HUNTERS AND GIVE THEM (LOCALS MORE LAND TO HUNT SINCE OUTFITTERS WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO LEASE AS MUCH PROPERTY. I know this will not create new hunting opportunities for residents. NOBODY is more particular about their property than ranch owners. You don't drive on 2 tracks when wet enough to rut the roads, don't ride all over the property on atv's, don't throw out garbage, don't shoot around house, cattle or horses. Don't shoot everything that moves and be selective in harvesting a mature animal. That said I just eliminated 95% of the locals AND unguided/supervised non-residents in 50 states. IF it passes I WILL NOT hunt or GUIDE in the state of Montana again. It is beyond doubt the most ridiculous and stupid proposal at a time of slow economy that any one could have come up with. Good luck MT - you are gonna need it . Let Game and Fish post their extreme decrease in revenue after the license deadline. Their wardens will back on horses because they won't have enough money to fuel their trucks.

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Crypes that is a lot of

Crypes that is a lot of money.  I don't apply in Montana anyways as I don't like their NR system, but this is even more of a deterrent.  Give me a break on the prices.  There are plenty of places to go out west without having to fork over that type of money.  Hopefully, the lack of NR participation in the upcoming years convinces them to lower the prices.  It would be nice if they would adopt a preference point system similar to Utah, Nevada, or Wyoming as well.  I hate having to front the entire cost of a tag for a point.

We just returned from mtĀ deer

We just returned from mt deer hunting, I love the state but I wont be returning with those prices.

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I can't say for certain, but

I can't say for certain, but those prices seem high.  i wonder if this will deter non-residents from applying?

Montana license increase

If this is an attempt to keep the nonresident home I think it will work. People who have preference points are stuck now. Do you give them up or pay the new price? With this economy why raise the price? All the western states take in a lot of eastern dollars,just to hunt on Federal land!

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I think they are charging

I think they are charging almost twice as much as CO for a elk tag.  That is crazy.  You might be right that they don't non-residents hunting in MT.