Minnesota Has All Season Deer License

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds hunters that the all-season deer license allows them to take up to three deer. The all season deer license allows hunters to hunt in the archery, firearms and muzzleloader seasons. With an all-season license, the hunter may take only one buck; and may take only two antlerless deer in any one season – archery, muzzleloader, or firearms.

This means a hunter can harvest two antlerless deer and one buck in one season, such as firearms. But, to take three antlerless deer, the all-season license holder would need to hunt in more than one season (archery, firearms, muzzleloader).

All-season license holders who hunt in managed areas are not eligible for bonus permits. In intensive harvest areas, the all-season license holder is eligible for up to two bonus tags, for a total of five deer (only one buck).


Bonus permits allow those with a regular archery license, firearms deer license, or muzzleloader license to take additional antlerless deer in certain areas. In managed areas, these licensed hunters may purchase one bonus permit for an antlerless deer. In intensive harvest areas, licensed hunters may purchase up to four bonus permits for antlerless deer.

For example, the holder of a firearms deer license (in a managed area) may take one deer of either sex with the regular license and may take an additional antlerless deer with a purchased bonus permit. The limit with the regular license and bonus tag is two deer (only one buck).

In an intensive harvest area, a firearms, archery, or muzzleloader deer license holder may take one deer of either sex with the regular license and purchase up to four bonus permits to take antlerless deer. The limit is five deer (only one buck).

Licenses, tags available all season

Deer licenses (archery, firearms, muzzleloader) may be purchased any time during the season, but the license is not valid until the second day after the day it was issued.

Bonus permits cost $13 (not including the issuing fee) and are valid immediately when issued.

For more information, contact: Lt. Ken Soring, DNR Enforcement, 218-327-4424 or your local conservation officer.