Michigan Bear Draw Results Available

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The Department of Natural Resources announced today that the 2007 bear drawing results will be posted and available to applicants on the DNR Web site, www.michigan.gov/dnr, on Wednesday, June 13, starting at 10 a.m. Applicants who did not apply online will be mailed a postcard by June 22.

Initially, drawing results were posted briefly on June 4, until a problem with these results was identified. The initial results did not correctly reflect preference point status of applicants. Michigan is legally required to accurately utilize the preference point system when distributing bear licenses. When it was determined that drawing results were inaccurate, results were immediately removed from the DNR Web site.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience that the posting of incorrect information may have caused. However, we are pleased that the errors were found and corrected quickly," said Wildlife Division Chief Bill Moritz. "The DNR wants to assure all bear hunters that their preference points and their hunt selections will always be handled in a correct and legal manner."

Hunters with questions about the drawing can call the DNR's Wildlife Division at 517-373-1263.