Massachusetts Antlerless Deer Permits Drawn

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The annual drawing for Antlerless Deer Permits was held July 25, 2006 at the R.C. Mahar Regional High School in Orange. Selections were made based on last digit of 2006 hunting or sporting licenses. The Antlerless Deer Permit and its attached tag is required to take any antlerless deer during Massachusetts deer hunting seasons. All applicants in Wildlife Management Zones (WMZ) 3, 7 through 11 and WMZ's 13 and 14 inclusive were selected as permit allocations exceeded the number of applications received in those eight WMZs. The results of the complete drawing for all WMZ's.

If there is match of the partial number, the number of randomly selected applicants is indicated in the table of winning numbers. By mid-August, pink notification cards will be sent to all successful applicants. Applicants not drawn will receive a yellow reapplication card with the option to select another WMZ where permits are still available. Due to a limited number of permits available in certain WMZs, re-applicants should return their postcards as soon as possible as their cards will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To ensure permits are processed and delivered in time for the opening of the archery deer season, all cards and accompanying $5 permit fee must be returned to MassWildlife prior to September 3. Deer hunters who missed the application process and wishing to purchase Antlerless Deer Permits in additional WMZs may visit MassWildlife offices in Westboro, Pittsfield, Belchertown, West Boylston, Acton and Bourne beginning October 10 to buy remaining surplus permits.