Manitoba to Introduce Charge for Non-Resident Hunters

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To maintain wildlife management and enforcement programs, the province announced a new $100 charge to outfitters licensed under the Resource Tourism Operators Act for each permit they sell to non-resident big game hunters.

Manitoba is among the last of the provinces to charge allocation fees for the use of Crown resources. Similar rates in other jurisdictions range from $75 to $500, depending on the type of game harvested.

"We have seen rising administration and management costs and this new rate will maintain programs such as wildlife enforcement and management and disease control," Conservation Minister Stan Struthers said.

The charge will be applied to every hunting licence sold by a licensed outfitter. It is expected the rate will apply to about 270 outfitters.

It will be implemented in time for the start of the fall hunting season. Across the province, archery season for whitetail deer started Aug. 28.