Legislation to Penalize Animal Rights Terrorists Introduced in New York

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New York is the second state to introduce a bill that will help prosecute animal rights terrorists. The proposal is based on a model bill created by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.

House Bill 4884, introduced by Representative Richard Smith (D-Blasdell), will recognize animal and eco-terrorism as forms of domestic terrorism, increase penalties for persons participating in politically motivated acts of animal or eco-terrorism and create specific penalties for those who assist or finance these acts of terrorism.

This is part of the Alliance’s national campaign to combat animal rights terrorism on a state-by-state basis. New York follows Texas’ lead in introducing this bill with legislators in other states also preparing to introduce similar bills.

“The FBI found extremist animal rights groups to be among the largest and fastest-growing domestic terror threats,” said U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Senior Vice President Rick Story. “Terrorist groups like the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front caused $17.3 million in damages during 2001. This legislation can help identify and prosecute those who are involved in animal rights terrorism.”

“We need to applaud Rep. Smith for his leadership in introducing this bill as well as his obvious regard for the safety of New York citizens,” he added.