Leftover Deer License Online

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With the initial drawings completed and the seasons soon opening, leftover West River and East River firearms deer licenses can again be purchased online and then either picked up from one of the designated South Dakota license agents or received by mail from the Game, Fish and Parks License Office.

A hunter will begin by entering the online application program found at www.sdgfp.info. Towards the end of the application process, the hunter will need to decide whether they want to have the license mailed to them, or if they wish to pick up the license at a designated agent, which includes some GFP Wildlife Offices. This decision is made just prior to printing the receipt for the sale.

"It is important to note that the hunter will need to decide whether they want to have the license mailed to them or if they wish to pick up the license at a designated agent," Simpson said. "If they choose to have the license mailed to them, their receipt will indicate such, and a license agent will not be able to issue the license. If they want to pick their license up at a license agent, the printed receipt will state that it is for "in store" pick up."

"Like last year, we are again offering this service as a way to encourage the sale of antlerless deer licenses," Simpson explained. "It is very important that we get an adequate harvest of doe deer during this hunting season. We want to give hunters extra opportunity to purchase these leftover licenses."

Simpson said that not every license agent in the state would have these permits. "We have to limit the number of license agents that have these permits available to ensure that we have a good handle on the sale of the permits and a good audit of our accounts when the seasons are completed," he said. He noted that the list of designated license agents is listed as part of a link when applying online.

West River Deer licenses are now available for sale from the GFP license sales link at their web site www.sdgfp.info. Click on the link to "Licenses and Reservations" and then to "Apply For Limited Issue Licenses" and follow the instructions for purchasing the license.

East River Deer leftover licenses will be available online beginning Monday, Nov. 14.

If hunters choose to have their tags issued by an agent, they must print the confirmation receipt at the end of the online transaction and present it to the agent, along with photo identification, such as a driver’s license or expiration-dated South Dakota identification card. The license agent will then issue the tag or tags. Hunters who choose to not get their tags at a license agent will receive them by mail.

People should note that they can still apply by paper application to the GFP License Office in Pierre. Applications can be printed from the GFP website at www.sdgfp.info. Hunters may have up to five West River deer permits and five East River deer permits.