Leftover Big Game Tags to Go on Sale July 1

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More than 1,300 tags for limited entry deer and elk hunts will be sold first-come, first-served starting at 10 a.m., Tuesday, July 1, at license agents around the state, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Tuesday. These tags were left over in nine hunts after the annual June drawing for "controlled" tags.

Leftover tags are those that hunters did not apply for. The hunts are often less desirable because they require landowner permission, access is difficult or supply exceeded the demand.

Hunters will be limited to buying one leftover tag per hunt series. However, a buyer may choose to purchase that tag for him- or herself or another person. Leftover tags may be purchased in addition to a regular controlled or general season tag in the same hunt series. Buck deer and bull elk are two of the most popular hunt series.

The following hunts and tags will be offered:

Hunt — Hunt Name —Total Tags Available — Max. Non-Resident Tags:

100 Series Deer Hunts:

135R — S. Paulina Bow (antlerless tags only) — 10 tags — 1 maximum non-resident tag;

142 — Hood Unit — 343 tags — 15 maximum non-resident tags;

143A — E. Biggs — 35 tags — 0 non-resident tags;

200 Series Elk Hunts:

226A1 — Powers Unit #1 — 44 tags — 12 maximum non-resident tags;

254X — Mt. Emily Unit No. 1 — 590 tags — 19 maximum non-resident tags;

255X — Walla Walla No. 1 — 179 tags — 7 maximum non-resident tags;

600 Series Antlerless Deer Hunts:

615R — Willamette Unit Bow — 76 tags — 53 maximum non-resident tags;

623T1 — N. Bank Habitat Bow Youth — 17 tags — 2 maximum non-resident tags;

625T — North Sixes Youth — 39 tag — 6 maximum non-resident tags.

Non-residents may purchase the tags, but sales are limited to a maximum of 5 percent of the total tags allocated for the hunt. Non-resident deer and elk tags are not set aside only for hunters from out of state. The two youth hunts with leftover tags are limited to hunters aged 12 to 17 years old. No mail order or fax orders are taken for left over tags.

Oregon has both general season and controlled big game hunts. There are a limited number of controlled hunt tags, and hunters must apply for them by May 15. There is no limit on the number of general season hunt tags sold.