Late Season, Youth-Only Deer Hunting Clarified

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As the general deer hunting season draws to an end, some sportsmen are still looking for hunting opportunities.

The general deer season ended Jan. 5 in all areas except South Texas, which draws to a close Jan. 19. But, there are several "late season" opportunities for hunting antlerless or spike buck deer that are available Jan. 6-19 in 25 counties in the Edwards Plateau and Jan. 20-Feb. 3 in 30 South Texas counties. Muzzleloader-only hunting for does and spikes is offered Jan. 11-19 in an additional 19 counties.

A special youth-only deer hunting weekend is also available in counties that have a general open season that ended on Dec. 8 or Jan. 5 and do not have a late season for antlerless or spike bucks. Additionally, there is no youth-only weekend hunting in counties with a muzzleloader-only season or on properties for which Level II or III MLD permits have been issued. The youth-only weekend, for hunters 16 years of age or younger, is set for Jan. 18-19. In addition to a valid Texas hunting license, youth hunters must meet hunter education requirements. And, an antlerless permit is required during the youth-only season in counties where an antlerless permit is required during the general deer season. The antlerless permit is a change from last year.

Hunters are reminded to check specific regulations for the county they are hunting found in the 2002-2003 Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual of hunting and fishing regulations. The information is also available on line.