Kansas WPC Approves Turkey Permit Increase in Unit 4

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At the public hearing portion of the October 14 meeting in Goodland, Kansas Wildlife and Parks commissioners approved a variety of proposed regulation changes.

Commissioners voted to approve a proposal to increase the number of spring turkey permits in Unit 4 to 500. Unit 4, which is the southwest corner of the state, is the only unit with limited permits. Three hundred twenty-five permits were authorized in 2009, and biologists feel the turkey population can sustain a higher harvest.

In other action, the Commission approved increases in long-term and annual camping permits. The in-season (April 1-September 30) annual camping permit fee was increased from $150 to $250, and the off-season (October 1-March 31) annual camping permit fee was increased from $150 to $200.

Recreational vehicle long-term camping permit fees in all state parks — except El Dorado, Milford, and Tuttle Creek — were increased as follows: long-term camping with one utility was increased from $200 to $240; two utilities was increased from $260 to $300; and three utilities was increased from $320 to $360.

Long-term camping fees at El Dorado, Milford, and Tuttle Creek were set as follows: one utility - $280; two utilities - $340; and three utilities - $400.

Cabin rental fees at several state parks were added to accommodate new cabins coming online in the future, and cabin fees at other parks were adjusted. Cabin fees vary, depending on the cabin and location. To learn more, go to the "Locations with Cabins" link on the KDWP website.

Commissioners agreed with a proposal to establish a multi-year youth hunting and/or fishing license. The new youth licenses would be valid for youth age 16-20 years of age. The one-time purchase, multi-year youth fishing or hunting license is $40. A one-time purchase multi-year youth fishing/hunting combination license is $70. In other fee considerations, the Commission voted to reduce the fee of the nonresident antlerless-only deer permit from $75 to $50.

The Commission approved amendments that make weigh-in procedures consistent for bass tournaments and allow anglers who possess a tournament black bass pass to cull black bass after the daily creel limit has been met during a weigh-in tournament.