Iowa's Successful Hunters Must Report Harvest

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Hunters successfully harvesting a deer or wild turkey are reminded they must report their harvest by midnight of the day following their successful hunt. The new reporting requirement was approved by the Iowa Legislature during the 2006 session.

"This information is going to give us much better data on the harvest and where the harvest is taking place," said Jeff Joens, an executive officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources wildlife bureau. "The reporting system has been designed with voice recognition to help hunters while in the field, report their harvest correctly."

To report, hunters will need to provide the harvest registration number and the Iowa county where the animal was harvested. For deer, hunters will need to report the sex of the animal. For turkey, hunters will be asked if the animal was harvested on public or private land, the length of the beard and length of the spurs.

Hunters need to remember to keep the transportation tag clean while field dressing the animal. It may be helpful for hunters to write down their harvest registration number or photocopy their tag in case the tag tears, smears or otherwise becomes illegible. Hunters can report via the DNR website or by a toll free phone number that is printed on the transportation tag.

Hunters will receive a confirmation number that must be written on the transportation tag for the report to be considered complete.

"If you have a cell phone and can get a signal while in the field, you can complete the report in a few minutes before tagging the animal. If you can't get a signal, you will have to make sure to keep the transportation tag as clean as possible and report your kill before the deadline," Joens said.

Hunters who harvest a deer or wild turkey must report the harvest to the DNR by midnight of the day after it is killed, before taking it to a locker, before processing it for consumption or before leaving the state. If no animal is harvested, no report is necessary.

For more information, contact Mick Klemesrud at 515-281-8653.