Iowa Teens Plead Guilty to Bald Eagle Killing

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Two teenagers pleaded guilty Monday to shooting and killing a bald eagle with a pellet gun near Sabula in December.

Dillon J. Stiles, 17, of Bryant, was ordered to pay $182 in fines and court costs, plus a $1,000 civil penalty and forfeited his air rifle. Michael D. Marburger, 16, of Sabula, was ordered to pay $182 in fines and court costs.

Stiles shot the bald eagle out of a tree near the South Sabula Beach on Dec. 23, while with Marburger. One of the feet was cut off of the eagle which was allegedly in Marburger's possession for a couple of weeks until being disposed. The eagle foot was eventually recovered by DNR conservation officers in Sabula.

For more information, contact DNR Conservation Officer Jeff Harrison at 563-543-5259.