Iowa Landowners, Tenants Must Register for Tags

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Beginning September 1, 2006, landowners, tenants, and their family members must register with the DNR before obtaining free or reduced fee deer or turkey tags. New rules enacted by the Department of Natural Resources will help ensure that only those who legitimately qualify receive the landowner/tenant (LOT) licenses. More than 90,500 landowner/tenant tags were distributed to Iowa deer hunters last season.

The DNR will be sending registration information through the mail to the 55,000-plus LOT deer hunters who received LOT tags in the past. Before a LOT deer or turkey tag can be issued, landowners and tenants must register either online at, or return the registration by mail. The DNR designed the process to be quick and easy and once a registration is submitted and accepted, it is good for three years.

"Over the years, we have found problems involving landowner/tenant tags. Some have been abuses of the law and others have simply been misunderstandings about who can obtain these tags or what land is eligible," said Lowell Joslin, chief of the DNR's law enforcement bureau. "We believe deer hunting is a privilege and do not believe that requiring hunters who receive free or reduced price licenses to invest five minutes of their time every three years to show they are eligible, is not an unreasonable inconvenience."

Online registration is highly encouraged because it provides the quickest, easiest, and most reliable form of registration. After online registration is complete, tags may be obtained immediately at any ELSI vendor. Individuals who have not obtained any hunting, fishing, or trapping license in the past 5 years must first call the DNR to establish a customer record before they can register online. The DNR can be reached at (515) 281-5918.

Mail registration is also available, but up to 10 business days are required for processing a form. Errors on mailed registration forms will further delay registration.

"To avoid delays, we encourage landowners and tenants to apply online if at all possible," suggests DNR wildlife bureau chief Dale Garner.

This week, the DNR will be mailing a notice of the new LOT Registration rule to all LOT tag holders from the last five years. This mailing includes information about eligibility requirements for LOT tags and provided instructions for registering-either online or through the mail. Individuals who do not receive a notice in the mail may register online or they may obtain a registration form and instructions from any ELSI licensing vendor, or by calling the DNR at (515) 281-5918.