Iowa Firearms Coalition 2011 Legislative Agenda

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Election Day has come and gone and this year was marked by some of the bloodiest election battles we've seen  to date. While the  elections have come to a rest, IFC has not. Since the  close of the 2010 legislative session we have worked daily with the NRA on  multiple pieces of freedom driven  legislation.

First, the Iowa Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment - Iowa  is one of only six states in the nation that does not include the enumerated  Right to Keep and Bear Arms within its state constitution. Our language will  change the Iowa Constitution to reflect this wording:

The right of individuals to acquire, keep, possess, transport, and use arms  to defend life and liberty and for all other legitimate purposes is fundamental and inviolable. Licensing, registration, special taxation, or any  other measure that suppresses or discourages the free exercise of this right  is forbidden.

Secondly, the Iowa Family Defense Act - This NRA/IFC sponsored bill strengthens your rights in a manner seldom seen anywhere in the United States. Today, in Iowa, should you be forced to defend your life, you can be  held liable for your act of defense in a civil court. Your act of self defense, or the defense of another, could be used against you. This piece of  legislation would ensure your right to self defense without potential exposure to prosecution in a civil case from an attacker.

Next is the Iowa Firearm Preemption Act- Imagine an ever changing checker board with green and red squares set to the shape of the state of Iowa, with  those squares representing where you can or cannot carry a weapon for  protection.

This is the plan of those who would degrade your right to keep and bear arms.  Imagine hundreds of "Gun Free" zones set by the county, township, city,  neighborhood, or building. These individuals plan to establish "Gun Free"  zones everywhere. Eliminating your rights randomly as you cross imaginary  lines during your daily travel, or worse, establishing them within and around  the communities we live in.

This NRA/IFC bill modifies the current preemption law to completely disallow  a series of confusing, indiscernible "Gun Free" zones intermittently  spread across the state causing confusion.

Last, the Iowa Constitutional Carry Bill - This NRA/IFC bill is the continuation of our march toward enacting a law requiring no permit for carrying or for the acquisition of firearms. After achieving a monumental change from decades of a "May Issue" system of issuing permits to carry to a "SHALL ISSUE" permit system, in a shortened session, we are moving forward just as we have stated with the next step: a piece of legislation that ensures our right to keep and bear arms is not infringed at all, just as  our forefathers intended.

These pieces of legislation are fully backed by the Iowa Firearms Coalition,  the Iowa Sportsmen's Federation, and the NRA. They are but a few of the many  pieces of legislation we intend to put forth in 2011. We are currently  finalizing other bills and will bring them to the public and to the IFC  membership as they are finalized. Citizens of Iowa demonstrated tenacity  throughout the 2010 session, bringing the Shall Issue bill to fruition. We  will continue our winning trend through the 2011 session with that same  support.


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These are all good pieces of

These are all good pieces of legislation.  Kansas just amended its Constitution to clarify that the right to bear arms is an individual, not a collective right.  the other pieces of legislation ahve been passed in Kansas in past sessions.

The NRA is active in the Kansas legislature and is very successful in passing pro-gun legislation.  And with the recent elections changing the mix of conservatives to moderater/liberals in the KS House, pro gun legislation should be forth coming.