Indiana Spring Turkey Season Opened April 27th

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If you're wondering why the spring wild turkey hunting season starts as late as it does this year, DNR wildlife research biologist Steve Backs has an explanation.

"It's always the first Wednesday after the 20th of April, so it can be the 21st to the 27th," Backs said of the date-setting process that is based partly on biology and partly on courtesy to hunters.

"Part of the reason that we went to standardized dates years ago is it gave us the opportunity to set up the season dates ahead of time so those people who plan their vacations would know when the turkey season was," he said. "We (also) based it on biological knowledge so that we would intercept the peak of the second gobbling period as well as when most of the hens were incubating."

Backs provides more detail about this year's April 27 opener and other turkey topics in a series of video clips that can be viewed on the DNR website at

The same web address also has the 2011 Turkey Hunting Guide. The downloadable guide contains information that every turkey hunter should know, including license requirements, bag limits, hunting hours, equipment regulations; plus it has a comprehensive list of public hunting areas and contact information for DNR district wildlife biologists and DNR law enforcement districts.

The last time the spring turkey season opened on April 27 was in 2005, and hunters set a harvest record that year of 11,159 birds. The next year, the season opened April 26 and hunters again set a record harvest of 13,193.

That record stood until last year when hunters set a new standard of 13,742 birds in a season that began on the earliest possible date (April 21).

This year's spring turkey season runs through May 15.

Hunters are allowed one bearded or male turkey. A wild turkey hunting license and a game bird habitat stamp are required unless otherwise exempted. Exemptions are detailed in the online Turkey Hunting Guide.

Backs said he is "cautiously optimistic" about what hunters can expect this spring.

"I'd like to project that we're probably going to kill around 13,000, 14,000 birds," he said. "If we fall below 13,000 birds, given the summer brood production stuff, I won't be surprised either.

"As usual, I tell people the highest percentage of the harvest occurs in the first five days of the season. However, if you don't like hunting with the crowds, I suggest you hunt during the second and third weeks where we have a lot less pressure and still have plenty of birds to harvest."


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That's the way most states

That's the way most states set their turkey seasons, although that seems a little later than I would think Indiana would have it set up since they are south of us up here in MI.  Up here ours always opens the third Monday of April and seasons go all the way through May.  I always buy an OTC license that is good for most of May, rather than entering the draw for an earlier, shorter season.  This year the way the dates fell on the calendar my season starts next Monday and will last for 30 days.  It doesn't get much better than that for chasing longbeards around for a $15 license and the way the Month of April has been nothing but rain and even snow on opening day, I'm looking for a fantastic time over the next few weeks!