Idaho Super Hunt Entries Now Available

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The deadline to enter the first Super Hunt drawing is May 31.

The first drawing in June will pick 26 lucky hunters, each of whom will win one of 25 tags - eight elk, eight deer, and eight pronghorn hunts as well as one moose hunt; and one "Super Hunt Combo" entry also will be drawn that will entitle the winner to hunt for one each elk, deer, pronghorn and moose.

A second drawing will be in August when another "Super Hunt Combo" and entries for two elk, two deer, and two pronghorn hunts along with one moose hunt will be drawn. The entry period for the second drawing is June 2 through August 11.

Winners can participate in any open hunt in the state for deer, elk, pronghorn or moose, including general hunts and controlled hunts, in addition to any general season or controlled hunt tags they also hold.

Hunters who win any Super Hunt tag may still enter controlled hunts, except where other restrictions apply. All other rules of individual hunts apply.

The first Super Hunt entry will cost $6. Each additional entry purchased at the same time will cost $4 each. The Super Hunt Combo entries work the same way. The first one costs $20, and each additional entry purchased at the same time will cost $16.

Entries are available at license vendors, Fish and Game offices, or they can be ordered on the Internet at, and on the phone at 800-824-3729 or 800-554-8685. You can also fill out an application and mail it to: Fish and Game License Section, P.O. Box 25, Boise, ID 83707.


hunter25's picture

These super hunt programs

These super hunt programs have been picking up popularity in many states now. I know Tecas has one and Arizona for sure. They are a great idea and raise a lot of money for the states they are held in but I know from some research that the odds of getting these tags are usually a longer shot than the regular draws. The big benefit many times is avoiding years of waiting and if you don't buy to many tickets the tag would came in pretty cheap, especially for an out of state hunter.

I have never participated myself as my luck on drawing tags usually lags far behind most other hunters.

numbnutz's picture

This sounds like a good

This sounds like a good oppertunity to get in on some great hunts, good luck to all that particapate in this. I'll have to check th Idaho site to read some more into this. I wonder if other state will being something like this in the future.