Idaho Seeking Anonymous Poacher

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Idaho Fish and Game is looking for information to assist with an on-going investigation.

On November 12, Fish and Game received an anonymous letter from "Poacher X" stating:

"Here is a picture of the nice buck I poached up in northern Idaho this year. & I plan to do all my Idaho hunting like this from now on. & I'll send a picture of my nice pronghorn next. Also my turkey." (Expletives deleted)

The return address said only "Poacher X" with a postmark from Everett, Wash.

Anyone with information on this crime, or any other crime, may call Citizen's Against Poaching at 1-800-632-5999, 24-hour a day. Callers may remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

I seriously wonder if it's

I seriously wonder if it's not someone just having fun with them.  Maybe they were harvested legally.  Not a smart idea, but nothing illegal about sending photos to fish and game.

That said, I doubt that's the case.  He's probably someone who is a little too overconfident in his stuff that he's doing.  I would bet that with todays technology, he'll get caught.

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I was going to quote you, but

I was going to quote you, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it within the rules while posting in the blogs.  Anyway, it did cross my mind that the guy was just messing with them, but even so, they must be a sick person to do it.  It is kind of scary to think we might share the woods with this guy some day.

Maybe he'll start posting on facebook.  I am waiting for him to post a pick with some tell tale sign in it that he overlooked that gives him away.  I suspect all of us on here are pulling for him to get caught.

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Man this guy has some serious

Man this guy has some serious issuses with game and fish Idaho.  I bet if he is having problems with the out of state fees we all know there is a better way to speak your mind.  If you do not like paying the out of state fees...then just do not hunt there and hunt in your own state.  If he is from Washington I am sure they have plenty of game to hunt.  All this guy is doinf is making the ethical hunter look really bad and as hunters that is the last thing we need.

gatorfan's picture

Now that is about the

Now that is about the stupidist thing I have ever heard of! 

This guy must have a serious beef with Idaho for some reason.  Did they raise their tag fees this year or something?

I would guess that it will only be a matter of time before someone hears about this and his name floats up. 

They'll start asking around in Everett and find out if anyone has heard of a neighbor that killed a deer in Idaho and eventually someone will know something!

Unless, of course, he was smart enough to drop the letter in a mailbox in Everett on his way to somehwere else...

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I agree, what a moron. 

I agree, what a moron.  Sounds like he wants to get caught.  The thing about stories like this makes the cynical side of me wonder if it is not some ruse to discredit the hunting community by someone who is not a hunter and may be anti-hunting.  By definition whoever did it is not a hunter, but just a lowlife criminal.  However, the public will paint him as a hunter and these crimes unfairly taint hunters.

I hope they catch the guy and that he is fined and even imprisoned.  Wonder if there can't be some other federal charges for using the mail to send the letters and pics?