Hunting Seasons Not Closed

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Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources and Drought Coordinator David K. Paylor made it clear today that hunting season is not closed, and currently no plans are underway for a forest closure. Rumors have been circulating about a closure due to the drought.

"While we remain concerned about the lack of substantial rainfall in the Commonwealth, there has NOT been active discussion to close hunting in Virginia," Paylor said. "State agencies, including the Departments of Forestry and Game and Inland Fisheries, will work closely with me should that determination need to be made. At this time, hunters should plan on hunting just as they have in past years, observing safe fire practices while afield."

Paylor further reminded hunters that the extra caution and care they have provided over past seasons is still needed. "Hunting provides tremendous economic benefit to the Commonwealth, and the people in our hunting community have long been sound stewards of our wildlife and natural resources," Paylor said. "We remain cautiously optimistic that our rainfall situation will improve, and I have no doubt that our hunters will again be careful as they go into the woods this season."