Hunters Invited to Try the Luck of the Draw

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Until June 22, hunters can apply for special draws to hunt several species of Alberta big game; opportunities available only through the annual draw system. Hunters can apply by phoning a central licensing office or by visiting any one of more than 450 licence issuers in Alberta.

Notable changes in this year's draw involve special licences that were not offered previously for some areas of the province, including licences for antlerless moose, and antlered and antlerless elk.

All hunters who have applied for draws within the last two years will receive a copy of the 2006 Alberta Hunting Draws booklet by mail, which describes the draw process and how to apply.

The draws booklet is available at Fish and Wildlife offices throughout Alberta and from licence issuers. It is also available on the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development website:

When applying for draws in person, hunters are reminded to bring their wildlife identification number (WIN) card. To apply by telephone, dial 1-900-451-3729 (charges apply: $3.25 for the first minute and $1.15 for each additional minute). Those interested in applying by phone should check with their long distance service provider to ensure they have access to 1-900 lines.

In 2005, over 73,000 special licences for 24 different draw types were available, and more than 221,000 applications were received. Draw selection uses a priority system based on a hunter's previous draw application and success history. Hunters can access their draw history online by visiting and keying in their WIN number.