Hunter Education Law Revised

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Revisions to the wording of Montana’s hunter education law made last spring by the Montana legislature go into effect Oct. 1. The new wording states all residents and nonresidents born after Jan. 1, 1985 must take a hunter education course and present the hunter education certificate the first time they buy a Montana hunting license.

Until Oct. 1 the law’s wording differs, stating that resident and nonresident youth ages 12-17 must present a hunters education certificate to purchase a hunting license the first time they buy a Montana Hunting license.

A small group of young 18-year old hunters are caught in the transition. Those born after Jan. 1, 1985 who have never purchased a hunting license and who have not taken a hunter education course must have a hunter education certificate in order to purchase a license after Oct. 1. They need to present the certificate only the first time they buy a license. The information will be input and stored in FWP’s Automated Licensing System.

If they purchase a hunting license before Oct. 1 of this year, these individuals can do so without a hunter education certificate and the license will be valid for the entire 2003 hunting season. However, in 2004 they must present a hunter education certificate to buy a hunting license.

For questions on the new law, contact the nearest local FWP regional office, or call: 406-444-2535.