Hunt Schedules for Woodbury Wildlife Area in South Carolina

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The hunt schedules for Woodbury Wildlife Management Area in lower Marion County have been announced by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources.

In late summer 2006, with the help of The Conservation Fund and other conservation partners, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will gain ownership of the 25,688-acre Woodbury tract formerly owned by International Paper Co. Woodbury Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located in lower Marion County between the Little Pee Dee and Great Pee Dee rivers. The "black river" (Little Pee Dee) and "red river" (Great Pee Dee) floodplains that form the property’s northeastern and southeastern boundaries provide excellent fish and wildlife habitat and exceptional recreational hunting and fishing opportunities for the citizens of South Carolina.

See video of the Woodbury WMA.

For more information on Woodbury WMA, call the regional DNR office in Florence at (843) 661-4768.
Several natural wetlands and oxbow lakes dot the landscape, along with four public boat landings providing access to the two rivers. Along with the recreational opportunities, the Woodbury tract is of great historical significance in that it is thought to have provided refuge for Francis Marion during his Revolutionary War campaigns. It was also an early settlement and place of commerce for area settlers in the early 19th century. Due to the sensitive nature of these sites, and to maintain the ecological integrity of the tract, no horseback riding or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) will be allowed.

Hunt schedules for the upcoming 2006-2007 season are as follows:

Deer: Based on the large and isolated acreage involved, widespread public support for antler restrictions, and historical deer management practices on this tract, Woodbury WMA has been designated as a Quality Deer Management area. These management guidelines on Woodbury require that harvested antlered deer have at least four points on one side or a minimum 12-inch antler outside spread. A point must be at least 1 inch long measured from the nearest edge of main beam to the top of the point. No more than three bucks total may be taken during all seasons combined regardless of method. In accordance with other state-owned WMAs, no baiting for deer or hogs and no trapping of hogs will be allowed on Woodbury WMA. Deer hunting with dogs is not allowed.

Archery hunts: Limits are one deer per day, no limit on hogs, either-sex hunts Sept. 15-Oct. 7.

Archery and muzzleloader hunts: Limits are one deer per day, no limit on hogs, either-sex hunts Oct. 9-21.

Gun hunts: Limits are one deer per day, no limit on hogs, no buckshot allowed. Bucks only Oct. 23-Jan.1; either-sex hunts Oct. 27-28, Nov. 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, Dec. 16, 23, 30 and Jan. 1.

Hogs: Feral hogs may only be harvested from Woodbury WMA during deer and hog hunts. No live hogs may be removed from Woodbury WMA.

Still gun hunts for hog March 1-17, no limit on hogs, no dogs or buckshot allowed.

Dog hunts for hog Feb. 5-10, no limit on hogs, handguns only, no more than four bay or catch dogs per party.

Turkey, waterfowl and small game: Gray squirrels and Northern bobwhite quail hunts Dec. 11-March 1, Game Zone 10 limits, no open season on fox squirrels.

Rabbit hunts Jan. 1-March 1, Game Zone 10 limits.

Raccoon hunts Nov. 25-Feb. 28, Wednesday through Saturday nights only, limits three per party per night.

Fox hunts Jan. 1 through March 1, Monday and Tuesday nights only.

Woodcock hunts, federal seasons and limits apply.

Waterfowl (Category II), federal limits apply, Wednesday and Saturdays, a.m. hours during the regular season.

Turkey hunts April 1-May 1, Wednesdays and Saturdays, Game Zone 10 limits.