Greenland's Polar Bear Management

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Nunavut’s Minister of Environment, Olayuk Akesuk, has endorsed Greenland’s Government for instituting a new system of polar bear management.

On Sept.28, 2005 the Greenland Department of Fisheries and Hunting announced a new executive order for the protection and hunting of polar bears. The new order will enter into effect on Oct.15, 2005, and includes provisions for protection of family groups, hunting seasons, and a quota system. The quota system will take effect on Jan. 1, 2006, and will consider the productivity and status of Greenland’s polar bear populations, the International Agreement for Conservation of Polar Bears, and user knowledge.

"This is a huge step in polar bear management for Greenland and I give my full support to Greenland" said Minister Akesuk. "This progressive and positive management action will improve the ability of Nunavut and Greenland to work together to manage our shared populations on a sustainable basis."

Nunavut and Greenland share the Kane Basin, Baffin Bay, and Davis Strait polar bear populations.