GlenDel Expands Target Line

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With the introduction of the new GlenDel Pre Rut, Field Logic now offers a full line of ultra-realistic 3-D deer targets. Standing 36 inches tall at the shoulder and representing the size of a 250-pound live weight deer the new GlenDel Pre Rut fits perfectly between the GlenDel Full Rut-standing at 37 inches at the shoulder and simulating a 300-pound deer-and the GlenDel Buck--standing 34 inches at the shoulder and representing a 200-pound deer.

The GlenDel Pre Rut offers the same great features found in the GlenDel Full Rut and the GlenDel Buck, just in a different size. It's 4-sided PolyFusion core, measuring at 12x12x12 gives you seven times more surface area than its closest competitor. With a 12-inch square core, there is ample shooting space on four sides, while the PolyFusion design of the core gives you longer target life with easier arrow removal-no matter what you are shooting. This target will stop field tips, broadheads and expandables.

The newest addition to the Field Logic target herd, the GlenDel Pre Rut is available immediately at retailers nationwide and retails for $219.99. The GlenDel Full Rut retails for $269.99 and the GlenDel retails for $159.99.

No matter what size deer you are used to shooting, Field Logic has the right size for your practice. Pick one from the GlenDel herd.

Headquartered in Superior, WI, Field Logic is the manufacturer of the award-winning GlenDel Full Rut and the original GlenDel targets. For additional information, visit the company websites at


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Man, they have really come a

Man, they have really come a long way with these targets. Not just the full-sized deer targets with the replaceable core like these, but with all archery targets. I remember my first one - you couldn't shoot broad heads at it at all. Well, you could, but they would zip right through it like a hot knife through butter. When you shot a field tipped arrow at it, it went in about 6 inches, and then it took two men and a boy to pull the arrows back out! You had to be real careful, or you would end up bending one of your good (aluminum) arrows!

Now, the will stop any arrow that you send downrange, but will pull out easily. And you can shoot thousands of arrows at them before they need to be replaced. They have really come a long ways.

These GlenDels sound like really nice targets, but I'm surprised that there is a market for three sizes that are so close together. One is 34" at the shoulder, one is 36" and one is 37". That doesn't sound like all that much difference to me.