GFP Brings Christmas in June

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For a few lucky hunters Christmas is about to come early this year.

The Department of Game, Fish and Parks has completed drawings for the 2006 elk hunting licenses and is now in the process of notifying successful applicants that they need to send in the appropriate license fee to receive their hunting tags.

"We understand how important this notification is to potential license holders," GFP License Supervisor Scott Simpson said. "Last year we sent out certified letters at a cost of nearly $5 per letter. After consulting with state government’s Central Mail Services, we found a more economical way to handle these certified mailings."

Simpson said that successful applicants will receive a small box in their mail in the next few days. The box will contain a letter notifying the individual of the license they drew, the fee for that license, and the deadline to submit the fee.

"It sounds a little crazy, but the box is actually quite a bit cheaper to mail than the standard letter was," Simpson said. "We can save a little money and still provide a high quality certified mailing to our customers."

Simpson noted that approximately 14,333 people applied for 2,470 Black Hills Elk licenses and another 11,711 applied for 40 Custer State Park Any Elk licenses.

The License Office is sending out 1,550 certified mail packets to potential license holders. Deadline for submitting fees is June 21.

The second deadline for elk applications is June 16.