Georgia Hunters Must Apply for Quota Hunts Online

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No longer will you have to search for a paper copy of a deer, turkey or waterfowl quota hunt application or have to keep up with hard copies of rejection notices from previously applied for hunts. This process is now available completely, and solely, online! Hunters must submit and manage their quota hunt applications through personal accounts on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) website – which can be found at

"This step forward in the application process will benefit hunters and the Agency tremendously," says WRD Assistant Chief of Game Management John Bowers. "Not only will hunters be able to apply directly online, they no longer will have to keep up with hard copies of rejection notices – those will be managed online and they can use these notices like a 'bank' to increase their chances of being selected."

In some cases, the hunter has a pre-existing account. Those who applied for an alligator, deer (including State Park), turkey or waterfowl quota hunt last season (2005-2006) have an account created for them that includes their current quota hunt status. Additionally, those who have either recently completed a hunter education course or purchased a Georgia hunting license through the WRD website have an account that has been updated to reflect their current quota hunt status. Hunters that do not fall into one of those two categories must set up an account prior to applying for a quota hunt. To apply, visit and select "Hunting," then "Quota Hunt and Information" and finally "Georgia's Online Quota Hunt Application System."

"One of the best things that hunters, and any others with an account on the WRD website, can do is to make sure that their e-mail address is current," says Bowers. "This e-mail address allows our agency to send out quota hunt related messages via e-mail thereby improving customer service."

To be eligible for quota hunt drawings, applicants must ensure that they have an account on the WRD website and then must apply online prior to midnight as follows: September 1 for deer hunts (including State Parks); October 15 for waterfowl; and February 15 for turkey.

For more information on the new online quota hunt application system, visit or call 770-761-3044.