Georgia Deer Hunters Need New Harvest Record

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The Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division reminds all deer hunters, including big game license holders, honorary and lifetime license holders, hunters under 16 years of age and landowners, to obtain a new deer harvest record for the upcoming season.

Deer harvest records are required for any person hunting deer, regardless of age, are free of charge and available at or at any retail license agent.

"A deer harvest record is good only for a single hunting season because the bag limit is a season limit," said John W. Bowers, assistant chief of Game Management for the Wildlife Resources Division.

Hunters must complete a deer harvest record before moving a deer from the site of a kill, except when participating in a wildlife management area or national wildlife refuge hunt that requires hunters to check out harvested deer. Hunters may not possess or use multiple big game licenses or deer harvest records and should keep harvest records with hunting licenses.

"We appreciate the honesty, cooperation and support from each hunter in respecting wildlife and the conservation tradition by following game and fish laws. We encourage hunters to police themselves by using the anonymous Turn In Poachers (TIP) line (1-800-241-4113) to turn in individuals who violate these laws," said Bowers.

For more information, visit , contact a Wildlife Resources Division Game Management office or call (770) 761-3044


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You know I did this last year as well.  I totally forgot to print out a harvest record for my children.  I'm so used to having to check ear deer at a tagging station and paying the 3 dollars in Maine.  Now its on the honor system and required by law.  Well I like the record keeping I just wish Georgia used it other than just enforcement of harvest laws.  Would be great information to gather and analyze for harvest records.  We could at least send these in or better yet record them in online.  I believe Ohio adopted this alternative this year.  I bet there is even an Iphone App for it.  :)  Just seems a waist to record all this data and not get some more use out of it.  I can’t be the 1st person that suggested it.  I think I'll write a letter to the GA DIFW as a suggestion.  Can't hurt.


CLick here for the Youth Hunter harvest record that is required.  1st year hunting in Georgia I had the hardest time locating this document.  Its fairly easy to locate now.