Georgia Archery Range Now Open

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A new archery range at Panola Mountain State Park in Stockbridge is now available for archers, bow hunters, youth groups and others interested in perfecting their target skills. While this is the first archery range located at a State Park, it is one of nine archery ranges currently available on public land in Georgia.

Constructed on the eastern edge of what used to be Southerness Golf Course, The Archery Range at Panola Mountainconsists of two ranges. The first is a static range, built on an old fairway with 12 lanes from 10 – 50 yards in length. Here, archers shoot into large "bow butt" targets that are secured into freestanding target sheds. The second range is a ¾ mile 3-D trail with realistic targets on 22 lanes. The targets include a mix of Georgia’s game animals.

The range will serve as a resource for area archers and bow hunters, for park programming activities and for school groups participating in the National Archery in Schools Program. Users need to bring their own gear. To reduce impact to targets, broadheads are not allowed.

To help the park maintain the range, users will pay a $10 daily ($5 for children 12 and younger) or $100 individual/$150 family annual ($50 for children 12 and younger) fee. Permits may be purchased at the park’s Nature Center or from a permit box near the range entrance.

In early 2010, ground was broken at Panola Mountain State Park on the construction of the public-access archery range. The development of the range has been a collaborative effort between Georgia Department of Natural Resources Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites Division and Wildlife Resources Division. Using Pittman-Robertson federal grant money, WRD has supplied materials needed for construction while Panola will manage, administer and maintain the range.

The Archery Range at Panola Mountain is located near the park's Alexander Lake off Alexander Lake Road and will be open 7 a.m. until dusk. To learn more, visit or call 770-389-7801.For more information on archery ranges available in Georgia, visit .


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This is pretty darn cool, I

This is pretty darn cool, I have a few ranges in my area, a few that are at gun clubs that one must jion and pay yearly dues to use. The others are at county or state parks that have a day fee. The only thing i would like to have is a 3-d range open here, to my knowledge and i have been looking for a while now, there isnt any 3-d ranges within 100 miles of me, I have a few 3-d targets that I'll take to the woods with me but i would love a 3-d trail to walk and shoot, that would be fun, Ihave thought about opening a indoor 3-d range because our winters are very cold and wet and it would be nice to shoot year round and be dry while doing so. May be i should forward this story to our parks and recreation dept here so they can look into doing something similair.

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 That is great for te sport

 That is great for te sport of archery.  I always like to hear about new ranges getting opened.  I wish some the ones around here would take better care of the ranges.  I was a memeber of one and thru the whole year I never saw a target replaced with a new one.  Alway made be wonder what they did with all the dues that they collected thru out the year.