Free Hunting Days in Oklahoma

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If you know of a friend, neighbor or family member who is interested in trying their hand at hunting, you won't find a better opportunity to introduce them to the sport than the first weekend in September. September 2-3 marks Oklahoma's Free Hunting Days and Oklahoma residents do not need a hunting license to go afield.

"The Free Hunting Days are designed to encourage folks to take a rookie hunter with them and we hope people do just that. Not only is it a great time to take a kid hunting, but it's also a great time to introduce adults to our sporting heritage as well," said Micah Holmes, information supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

"Both squirrel and dove seasons are open during the free hunting days and both species are plentiful around the state and offer sportsmen plenty of action during early September."p>

For complete hunting regulations, be sure to pick up a copy of the "2006-07 Oklahoma Hunting Guide" at a sporting goods retailer near you. Or view the regulations at