Florida Seeking Input on Alligator Management

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will host a series of public meetings statewide during the next two months to find out if better options exist for managing and providing access to Florida’s alligator resource.

During a December FWC meeting in Key Largo, Commissioners unanimously passed a motion to continue gathering public input to evaluate all possible options for improving alligator management and to report back at a future meeting.

The FWC conducted a Web-based survey to gather public input regarding its alligator management program. The response showed Floridians to be fairly evenly divided over whether alligator harvest regulations are too restrictive or too lenient, and many thought FWC's current program was about right. Public comments at the Key Largo Commission meeting also reflected similar thoughts.

"These meetings will enable us to discuss and receive additional feedback regarding four key areas of alligator management: public safety, recreational harvests, commercial harvests and conservation," said Harry J. Dutton, FWC's alligator management program coordinator.

For a complete list of meeting dates and locations please visit: http://myfwc.com/whatsnew/07/statewide/gatormeets.html.