Florida FWC Invites Suggestions for 2008-09 Seasons

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission invites you to suggest changes to the 2008-09 hunting and freshwater fishing regulations.

Every two years Florida's FWC provides the opportunity for the public to recommend improvements to, or address new opportunities related to the way they manage Florida's abundant game and freshwater fish species. With this in mind, they have provided a Public Input Form.

They ask that you carefully consider any ideas you may have, then complete one form for each change you propose and return it to the appropriate regional office by March 30, 2007. They request that each form address only one idea or change. Give as much information as you can about your proposal and why your idea will make hunting or freshwater fishing better or how it will improve the condition of Florida's freshwater fish and wildlife resources.

This is not the time to suggest changes to statutes or license fees, nor to address regulations on saltwater fishing, endangered species or other programs of the Commission. Please note that regulation changes resulting from this process will not become effective until July 2008. Hunting regulation changes will be published in public hunt management area brochures well in advance of the 2008-09 seasons.

Questions about the biennial rule making process can be directed to David Arnold, Rules Administrator. [email protected].