Fish and Wildlife Asks For Help

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If you received a survey card from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department just before the November deer season but haven't yet filled it out and sent it in, your help in doing so would be appreciated. John Buck, who chairs the department's deer management team, is appealing for more hunters to send in their completed forms.

Each year Vermont hunters are surveyed about the number of key wildlife species they see during the November hunting season. The information collected is used to help assess the population trends of deer, moose and bears as well as other species such as bobcat.

"Deer hunters are very helpful in supplying department biologists with wildlife information," said Buck. "Perhaps with the end of deer season coming so close to Christmas hunters are not focused on getting the information back to us."

"We want to thank those hunters who have already returned their post-paid survey card and remind those hunters who have not returned their cards to do so before Christmas. The information provided by hunters is an important part of the conservation programs for deer, moose and bear populations in Vermont."