Firefly Electronic Wind Detector is Now a Mathews Licensed Product Available in Lost Camo

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Firefly is the most sophisticated, most sensitive and most accurate wind detection device ever developed. It's compact, lightweight and operates day or night at the push of a button.  It was designed for big game hunters who need to know wind and thermal direction in order to setup in the optimal place, or for planning their stalk. Firefly can detect currents not discernible to humans.

Now, Firefly will soon be available in Lost Camo® at many Mathews' retailers. According to Firefly owner, Tom Galley, "Firefly is one of the most unique technology-based developments in the hunting industry and we're very pleased and proud that Mathews® has chosen Firefly to join its family of high quality licensed products".

Dave Watson, executive producer of Mathews® TV with Dave Watson added, "The Firefly is the latest technology to make your hunt successful. I know exactly what the wind is doing with less movement and less noise than using a spray bottle. Plus, no more white residue on my optics and boots! A hunter has got to keep a close eye on the wind so I keep a close eye on my Firefly."

The Firefly Electronic Wind Detector is also ideal for rifle hunters, predator hunters and water fowlers. Savvy hunters know that to hunt the wind, you must know the wind. Nothing detects wind direction like a Firefly Electronic Wind Detector.

To learn more, please visit or contact Tom Galley at 303-408-0250.